Success Story: My Baby!

My Baby!

I heard about Long Trails to Happy Tails through a friend that works with me.

I had been searching for a puppy for quite some time and looking at many different rescues. Long trails to happy tails was by far the best rescue I was in contact with. They were very fast about answering me back and the adoption process was so smooth!

My new puppy was too young to leave her foster right away so I was supposed to wait another week until I could get her, but her foster suggested that I apply for foster to adopt. Once I was approved to foster it allowed me to get my baby right away. I am so appreciative of all the volunteers and the amazing heart that they have for these animals. I will from now always refer people to long trails to happy tails. Without them I would not have such an awesome, sweet, loving puppy companion!

I look forward to staying involved with this rescue and attending many of their events!


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